1. Hi everyone…
    This week i recieved a copy of “chelsea and her little ear make a new friend”… All i can say is EVERY parent needs to get a copy. What a wonderful book, i cried the first time i read it. It will be such a great resource for us as bella grows. I have brought other books, but this one is JUST the BEST !!

    I have ordered another copy for Bella to take to her granny’s and pa’s home to share with family and friends. It will be so handy having these books when she starts school.

    Lets hope Simone and Lisa keep publishing…. cause i will be purchasing them all!! Well done ladies and thank you.

    Karlie and Bella xx

  2. We received our copy yesterday and are so excited! Our 3 year old daughter LOVED reading a story about a girl just like her. The book explains microtia perfectly for the preschool to early elementary age group, and Shae is very excited to take the book to preschool next week to share with all of her friends.

    Simone and Lisa – you did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for doing this for our kids!!!

    xo Melinda, mommy to Shae

  3. I just wanted to share that we purchased the story that Simone wrote and we
    have been amazed at how our 3 year-old son has reacted to it. We assumed he
    would like it, but that’s a little like saying that he “likes” ice cream. He
    insists that it is read every night and after 2 weeks he knows it word for word.

    Last weekend I overheard Connor explaining his little ear to a another
    little guy at church by saying “it just didn’t grow properly and it was that way
    when I was born. My friend Chelsea’s is the same.” The first part of his
    statement was straight out of the book and it was the very first time we have
    ever heard him answer someone about his ear . . . he just usually ignores
    inquiries or looks to us to answer. It was one of those moments that you just
    have to love! And to clarify . . . he has never met Chelsea, nor have we met

    I just wanted to let those who are wondering if it’s worth purchasing know
    that it is DEFINITELY worth purchasing if your child is under 10. Thanks again
    to Simone for putting the time, energy, and money into the project . . .we thank
    you with all our hearts!

    The Kunze Family
    Steve, Colleen and the awesome Connor (3 years old, RMA)

  4. My little girl Isabelle (3yrs LMA) loves this story and was so proud of it she has shown everyone. Fantastic book, well written and illustrated. Great job Simone & Lisa.

  5. Fantastic book! Wish it was available everywhere!! My son with bilateral M/A is really starting to get concerned about his differences. I bought the book for when he starts kindergarten and shared it with his preschool class which has a lot of new students for the summer session. Thank you for writing such a great book to help him feel better about himself and realize he’s not alone. Now it’s not just mom telling him that anymore.

  6. I am a teacher of Deaf and hard of hearing infants in Los Angels. I purchased the book to share with the families I work with. It is always a topic of conversation as to how the children will do when they get to school and how to deal with the comments they may hear. This wonderful little book is a great tool to share with preschool teachers and I am hoping that when I share it with families they will purchase it too. Very nice new resource for me!

  7. We absolutly LOVE this book! I have two daughters with microtia and they enjoyed this book so much! My youngest can’t wait to read it to her 2nd grade class. We also showed this book to another one of her teachers, she loved it also. She wants to purchase a couple copies for other teachers. Thank you so much to Simone for writing this book!!! We LOVE it!!

  8. I enjoyed reading this adorable little book very much, and appreciated the concise and well thought out text, as well as the child friendly art 🙂 My son is almost 9, and felt the book was a bit young for him, but it still rang true for him and was validating, even if he wouldn’t admit it now that he’s a “big kid”. He doesn’t have any real hangups about his ear, but hasn’t really faced much ridicule or struggled with low self esteem, either. I do recommend this book to any child with microtia, especially toddlers and early primaries. It can put the reasoning and logic on the tip of their toungue and give them that little boost that might make all the difference in world on a particular day. 🙂 Great job Simone and Lisa 🙂

  9. This book is a perfect read for children with Microtia. My child is 5 and really enjoys the book. I wish I could have had something like this much sooner. If you don’t have a copy, I urge you to do so. This book gives your child a look at what it could be like for him or her when they enter school and can help them better address the topic when asked. I really think you did a great job with this Simone. I guess we can all thank Chelsea too!! If it weren’t for her, this book may have never been inspired. 🙂

  10. I found this book on the table in the waiting room of Dr. Lewin’s office. Ethan had just had his Medpor reconstruction a few days earlier and we were in for our first check up. When I pointed the book out to Ethan, he dropped the toys he was playing with (truly rare) and came to read it with me. We read it 6 times on that visit and 4 times each on the remaining follow-up visits — each time at Ethan’s insistence. And each time we read it I saw “that look” on his face. “That look” is reserved for those rare moments when he realizes that he is not alone, not a monster, not someone to be picked on. “That look” happens when he’s feeling connected, part of the big picture. Understood. I’ve seen “that look” 3 times in his life: when he first met other kids with microtia, when he first saw his new ear and when he read this book.
    There’s something of value to everyone in Chelsea’s story — not just kids with microtia or their parents — but it is definitely a must read for microtia families. Excellent job, Simone and Lisa (and Chelsea). You have really done a great thing here. Thank you.

  11. Our 4.5 yr old son was very excited to have a real printed book all about another child with microtia. He sort of felt like there was a book written about himself. This book is great for little school-aged children as it helps them see that other children may be curious, and it also empowers them to respond successfully.

    Thanks, Simone!

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