Ear Reconstruction


You have 4 options when it comes to ear reconstruction…

1.   Rib Graft Reconstruction

2.  Medpor Reconstruction

3.  Prosthetic ear

4.  No intervention


Each option has advantages and disadvantages.  No option is “perfect”, and there are no right or wrong options.  It is important for you to be comfortable with whatever option you choose and to collect as much information as possible to help your decision making.  You need to weigh up each option and choose which is right for you & your child.

Ear reconstructive surgery is technically very difficult.  Very few surgeons perform ear reconstructions on a regular basis.  This is mainly due to the rarity of the condition, but also because of the specific training required.  It is therefore important to choose a surgeon who specialises in the procedure, has ongoing experience in this type of surgery and who can show you pictures of their results.

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