Coping with other’s reactions

How can you cope with other people’s reactions

Be positive! You may feel uneasy when out in public or visiting friends and relatives for the first time. People are often curious about your child’s ear, or may not know how to react to it, and you may feel that they are being rude. Try not to let it get to you and concentrate on the good things that are happening. Here are some suggestions of things you can say or do at difficult times:

Be polite, friendly or even humorous.  A smile or a joke may be all it takes to reassure the other person.

 Explain.  It can help to have a simple explanation prepared that you can use when people ask you about your child’s ear.

 Talk to the other person.  When you are feeling like you are on show, start up a conversation to show that you really are normal.

 Be assertive, but not aggressive. If people are over-intrusive or rude, it’s OK to let them know they’ve gone too far.

 Think of things to help you keep your cool. You may want to concentrate on chatting to your child or working through your shopping list.