Children’s Books

The following are Children’s Books that you may find to be useful resources.



Chelsea and Her Little Ear Make a New Friend

Written by Simone Cheadle, Illustrated by Lisa Guirdanella.



Chelsea and her Little Ear Make a New Friend is a story about a little girl called Chelsea who has Microtia & Atresia.  One day a new boy joins Chelsea’s class at school.  He has never seen anyone with a little ear before, so has lots of questions to ask.  This book answers some of the questions other children may have about Microtia & Atresia, and shows that being different makes no difference to a friendship.

This story is ideal to share with a child who has Microtia & Atresia so that they may identify with the main character.  It can give them some basic responses they may find useful to answer questions that other children may ask them.   It can also be used as a resource for teachers or parents to share with a class as a way to answer some of the questions fellow classmates may have about Microtia & Atresia.  The story can initiate a discussion about Microtia & Atresia and other differences in order to educate fellow classmates and to generate acceptance through knowledge and understanding.




Chelsea and Her Little Ear Make a New Friend

Written by Simone Cheadle, Illustrated by Brittany Cheadle & Chelsea Cheadle.



Chelsea’s New Ear is about a little girl called Chelsea who has unilateral Microtia.  It tells the story of when she had ear reconstructive surgery, and is based on Chelsea’s real life experiences.

Chelsea’s New Ear explains the process of ear reconstruction in a very simple way so children can get a general understanding of what is involved.

This book can be used to prepare children for surgery by giving them a basic understanding of what to expect.  It is very general, so can be used for either rib graft or Medpor reconstruction.


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Aoife and the Ear

This is an original story that was written & illustrated by a group of children for their classmate Aoife (pronounced eefa) when she had ear reconstructive surgery.  The story is about a little girl who needs a new ear and an ear that needs a new home.  Aoife goes to the hospital, where the doctor puts on the new ear and the two become friends and live happily ever after.

It is book suited for young children with Microtia who are contemplating reconstructive surgery.  It is available through the Sensational Kids website (in Ireland).  CLICK HERE to follow the link.


Oliver Gets Hearing Aids

A beautifully illustrated children’s story about Oliver the elephant who is fitted with hearing aids. The story explains the hearing aid fitting process and the reactions of Oliver’s friends and family. This is a perfect way to introduce the idea of hearing aids to a young hearing impaired child, but is also a wonderful story for all children.

Download the book from Phonak (PDF, 1.4 MB)


Oliver Gets FM

The second book in the “Oliver” series addresses the need for FM. Although Oliver does very well with his hearing aids he has difficulties hearing in some situations (e.g. on the phone, in the classroom). This book follows Oliver through the process of getting an FM system and all the benefits this technology brings with it.

Download the book from Phonak (PDF, 1.1 MB)



HearBear Discovers a World of Sound

A story about a bear who explains how he got his Hearing Aids and loves being able to hear.


Download the book from Siemens (PDF, 716KB)