Treatment and Management Options


There are several treatment and management options and alternatives for atresia patients.  It is important to know about all these options and then decide which of these you would like for your child.

If you choose to aid your child (i.e. get them fitted with hearing aids), there are many different options now available.  This is essential for bilateral atresia, but also an option for unilateral atresia.  There is also a surgical option called Atresia Repair available in which a canal is surgically created.  And finally, there are various assistive listening devices available for use in classrooms.

In the case of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, it is possible to try several different options and combinations to find what works best for your child.  Keep in mind that they may benefit from different options in different settings and stages of their life e.g. home, primary school, high school etc.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the options that are available.

The available options are –

Aiding Options – Choosing to wear a hearing device e.g. BCHA, Baha, Ponto, VSB, Sophono

Atresia Repair (i.e Surgical option)

Assistive Listening Devices (e.g. Soundfield System, FM System)

Unaided (i.e. no hearing device worn not suitable for bilateral cases)