BCHA (Bone Conduction Hearing Aid)

Conventional Behind the Ear (BTE) and In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids make sound louder.  They rely on air conduction and a functioning middle ear.  In atresia cases, amplifying the sound will not provide much benefit..

A Bone Conduction Hearing Aid (BCHA) is an effective way to provide hearing to people with outer or middle problems including atresia as it bypasses the outer and middle ear altogether..Bone conduction hearing aids use the body’s natural ability to conduct or send sound through bone directly to the inner ear.  They allow sound waves to directly stimulate the cochlea and  bypass the outer and middle ear.

BCHAs redirect sound to the innner ear by sending the sound vibrations through the skull bone directly to the cochlea.  These vibrations cause the fluid in the cochlea to move the tiny hair cells located within the cochlea and send electrical signals to the brain..So for people with atresia or other outer and middle ear issues, bone conduction hearing aids bypass these problems and provide an effective hearing solution.

Traditional bone conduction hearing aids are available and fully subsidised through Australian Hearing.  BCHAs can be worn on a metal headband, or a homemade soft headband.

The Contact Mini is a new digital miniature bone conduction hearing aid that is now available.  It is fully subsidised for children under 5 years of age through Australian Hearing. CLICK HERE for more information on the Contact Mini.  


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