Jahrsdoerfer 10 Point Grading Scale

In 1992, Jahrsdoerfer et al developed a 10-point grading system to determine surgical candidacy based on key features from the CT scan and the appearance of the external ear.

• This scheme is also used to indirectly estimate the likelihood of success if surgical correction is performed.

• Most Dr’s will only operate on patients with scores of 7 or higher.

• As a reflection of the conservative nature of this grading system, a score of 10 is never given.


The following is a summary of this 10-point grading system:

Stapes present = 2 points

Oval window open = 1 point

Middle ear space = 1 point

Facial nerve = 1 point

Malleus-incus complex = 1 point

Mastoid pneumatization = 1 point

Incus-stapes connection = 1 point

Round window = 1 point

External ear appearance = 1 point